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DIY Gyeongju Experience

한국관광의 메카 “Beautiful Gyeongju”가 여러분을 초대합니다.

Special Trips : DIY Gyeongju Experience
When you make things with your own hands, it creates a memory that stays emblazoned in your mind for much longer. Sometimes, holding the fruits of your labor in your hands can give you the ultimate satisfaction. If you prefer a serene and cozy workshop where you can make something over bustling tourist hot spots, Gyeongju has plenty of options to choose from. So check out some of these DIY Gyeongju Experience programs!
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#1Gyochon Village: Multiple activities all in one place

교촌마을에서 한복을 입은 관광객

Gyochon is a village of education that has prioritized learning and enlightenment for a 1,000 years. It was home to the county’s first national university called Gukhak in the Silla Dynasty, which later on became Hyanghak (Confucian School) during the Goryeo Dynasty, and then Hyanggyo (Confucian Academy) during the Joseon Dynasty. This is also why the village has been called Gyochon (“Education Village,” 校村), Gyori (“Education Township,” 校里), or Gyodong (“Education district,” 校洞) over the years. Gyochon Village is home to the Gyeongju Hyanggyo (Confucian Academy), house of Choi the wealthy, and other places to visit. Most Hanok houses in Gyochon are used as venues for DIY classes. These are some of the classes and activities available at Gyochon.

누비공방 공방체험 바늘질하는 모습
Quilting Workshop

Master quilter Kim Hae-ja, (Korean Intangible Cultural Asset No.107), works in Gyeongju. In order to promote the excellence and beauty of the traditional sewing technique known as Son-Nubi (Hand Quilting), she opened an workshop in Gyochon Village. In the quilting workshop, you can learn how to make simple quilted items and accessories. You can also make knot bracelets, quilted hairpins, and quilted headbands.

  • Location : 39-5, Gyochon-gil, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 746 1236
  • Experience : Making hand quilted knot bracelet, necklace, hairpin and headband
한국토기 공방체험 도자기 빗는 모습
Korean Earthenware Pottery

This earthenware baking workshop is run by two generations of master earthenware artisans certified by the government. The workshop has an exhibition area, an activity area, and a workshop. Behind the workshop, there is a traditional kiln used for baking earthenware. The workshop offers a variety of activities, including pottering painting, photo mug making, and more.

  • Location : 31-6, Gyochon-gil, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 748 0791
  • Experience : Painting mugs, plates, etc., making instant photo mugs
경주를입다 전경
Dressing up in Gyeongju Style

This workshop gives you a chance to experience traditional Korean clothes. Including traditional hanbok and contemporary hanbok garments, the workshop has more than 550 traditional costumes such as the Gonryongpo (Royal Robes) and Silla Bok (Silla Dynasty clothing). If you’re interested, you can dress up in a hanbok outfit and walk the quiet stone-walled alleys of the hanok-filled Gyochon Village.

  • Location : 39-6, Gyochon-gil, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 743 9458
  • Experience : Traditional Hanbok, everyday Hanbok, Gonryongpo (Royal Court Costume), Sillabok and more!
월정미 교촌가람 공방체험 떡메치기 모습
Woljeongmi Gyochon Garam

This workshop focuses on a traditional delicacy known as “Ddeok” (rice cake). Over the weekends, Gyochon Garam offers a free Ddeok pounding program that gives people a chance to pound rice cake with a mallet. The workshop also has paid programs such as Songpyeon making and character rice cake making programs. Gyochon Garam also has a café, so you can have a cup of tea or coffee as you make your rice cakes.

  • Location : 39-11, Gyochon-gil, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 748 7789
  • Experience : Free: Rice cake (weekend), Paid: Songpyeon, character rice cake
미정당 외부 전경
Gyeongju Mijungdang

Established in 1963 in Hyeongok, Gyeongju, Mijungdang is a signature brand of local corporation Mijeong Co. Ltd, which has been a key player in the local economy for almost half a century. The company offers various rice-based processed foods such as tteokbokki (rice cakes) and the chewy “rice noodles,” which was developed after numerous trials and errors to promote and increase the consumption of rice. In November 2019, Mijeong opened a hands-on experience workshop in the Gyochon Village. The workshop’s main program is the “tricolor noodles” program for elementary school students, which is supported by a local restaurant. Mijeong also has an old noodle making machine and other noodle-making items from the 1960s on display for visitors.

  • Location : 39-3, Gyochon-gil, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 771 7732
  • Experience : Making Noodles
미경 전통식문화연구소 마당에 펼쳐진 장독대
Mikyung Institute of Traditional Cuisine

When you enter the Mikyung Institute of Traditional Cuisine, the first couple of things to catch your attention will be the platform for giant pots of sauces and condiments in the yard, and the wonderful Hanok architecture of workshop. Here, you can make traditional gochujang (red pepper paste) with red pepper powder, barley flour (one of Gyeongju's specialties), buckwheat flour, and green pepper. Please note that you need to call ahead and make a reservation if you want to take part in one of the programs available at the workshop (minimum of four people per group).

  • Location : 39-1, Gyochon-gil, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 749 5989
  • Experience : Barley Gochujang(red pepper paste) 4 people or more, reservation required

#2Making Local Specialties: Baking Barley Bread

찰보리빵 체험

Hwangnam Bread and Barley Bread are two of the most popular delicacies from Gyeongju. You can make your own barley bread at the Silla Myeong-ga Barley Bread Activity Center located on Hwangridan-gil, Gyeongju. After the trip, instead of saying “I bought Gyeongju barley bread” you can proudly say “I baked Gyeongju style barley bread myself.” If you take part in the program, you’ll learn how to put the dough mixed with barley flour and egg in the oven and bake it until its ready. The program only takes about 30 minutes. Although size and shape of the end product might not look perfect, it’s something you can be satisfied with because you did it with your own hands.

찰보리빵 체험
Silla Myeong-Ga Barley Bread Baking Information
  • Location : 1035-2 Poseok-ro, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 771 6166
  • Experience :Making a sticky bread (advance reservation)

#3Gyeongju East Palace Garden: Lively Garden Experience

압화체험으로 만들어진 작품

Gyeongju East Palace Garden, a year-round tourist attraction inspired by Donggung and Wolji, offers a variety of activities you can enjoy during your visit to Gyeongju. Once you’re done with the Donggung Botanical Gardens and Bird Park, you can enjoy an unforgettable horticultural experience in the Agricultural Research Experience Facility. The Facility offers pressed flower making programs using wildflowers and flowerpot making programs for wildflowers.

Gyeongju East Palace Garden: Lively Garden Experience Information
  • Location : 74-13, Bomun-ro, Gyeongju
  • Inquiries : 054 779 8987
  • Experience : Making pressed flowers, wildflower pots
  • Website : http://gyeongjuepg.kr/

#4National Gyeongju Museum - Children’s Museum: Experience the History of Silla

국립경주박물관 어린이박물관 내부 전경

Although this museum is named the Children’s Museum, don’t let the name fool you. It is perfect for all visitors regardless of age or gender interested in experiencing Silla’s history. The Children’s Museum features the latest exhibition techniques in five zones with themes such as “Become a Hwarang (an Elite Knight),” “Meet the King,” “Dream of Buddha’s World,” “Widen the World Stage,” and “Silla’s Advanced Art and Science.” The Children’s Museum brings Silla’s history to life with history you can see, history you can hear, and history you can feel with your own hands.

국립경주박물관 어린이박물관 내부 전경
Gyeongju National Museum - Children’s Museum Information
  • Location : 186 Gyeongju-si
  • Inquiries : 054 740 7500
  • Experience : Make your own golden cultural assets, view the tomb of the king, experience the gallery
  • Website : http://gyeongju.museum.go.kr/kid/

#5One-Day Classes: Memories for a Lifetime

원데이 클래스 휘게체험

The pace might be slow, but Gyeongju more than makes up for that with the memories it can give you. Peering out of the window to look at the beautiful landscape of Gyeongju while taking a “One-Day Class” in one of its many small workshops will definitely give you one of those memories that last a lifetime.

애플캔들하우스의 향수 만들기
Apple Candle House

Good memories have a certain fragrance to them. On your way to Bulguksa Temple, stop by at the studio “Apple Candle House” for a nostalgia-inducing experience. The one-day perfume making class is run by a professional perfumer.
Please note that reservations are required ahead of time. Classes start with students sitting at a table with 130 kinds of fragrance essence bottles to choose from. After talking about the fragrances, the instructor will let you try various aromas recommended for each desired scent. Once you’ve selected a combination, you can mix the ingredients in to make your perfume. You can also label your perfume on the spot, so try to come up with a good perfume name before the class ends .

손뜨개 공방 휘게 내부 전경
Knitting Studio “Hygge 3.5g”

If you step away from the bustling Hwangridan-gil, you’ll see a small neighbourhood known as Gukdang Village. This is where you can find Hygge 3.5g, a hand-knitting workshop. The Nordic way of life - a cozy, warm and simple life - is called "hygge." Knitting studio Hygge 3.5g is also a place that pursues such warmth and simplicity. You can sit for a hand-knitting class (e.g. crochet knitting and long needle knitting) and use various threads and designs to create anything you want. The easiest to make are the petit muffler and the crocheted coasters, either of which can be completed in 2-3 hours.

  • Location : 972, Poseok-ro, Gyeongju-si
  • Inquiries : 010 5769 0220
  • Experience : One-day class for needle knitting and crocheting, including coasters and mufflers
  • Instagram : @hygge_3.5g
스튜디오 꽃별새 매듭공예
Studio Kkotbyeolsae

Macramé means “knot craft.” Thick threads are hooped and tightly tied together to create distinct interior accessories. Small items can be made in 2-3 hours, while larger items can take days to complete. You can have a Macramé and weaving class at Studio Kkotbyeolsae, located not far from Gyeongju Cultural Center. During your class, you’ll learn how to weave using a yarn in a craft frame, like weaving burlap with a loom. Come to Studio Kkotbyeolsae if you’re looking to create a unique memory and relax your mind.

  • Location : 60, Bukseong-ro, Gyeongju-si
  • Inquiries : 010 2715 0217
  • Experience : Knot bracelet making experience, macramé, one day weaving class, hobby education
  • Instagram : @roughenough_