Golden City, Gyeongju

WaljungGyo Bridge

Let’s travel along to explore Gyeongju the home to 35,000 cherry blossom trees, shall we?

< Take time to picnic while surrounded by the thousand year cherry blossom growth in magical Gyeongju > With the entire city erupting in a colorful explosion of white and pink cherry blossoms, Gyeongju has been a famous attraction for cherry blossoms for generations.

Gyeongju-si (City) has introduced this year’s 10 scenic sites that will present the feasts of cherry blossoms and various other flowers in the coming spring.

In April, Gyeongju boasts the most beautiful colors. It is a good season to go on a trip. Why don’t we picnic under the colorful spring of Gyeongju dressed up in green and pink?

The 10 most beautiful spring roads of Gyeongju.
The beautiful cherry blossoms of Gyeongju, which was the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom for a thousand years, are so saturated through the city that you needn’t pick a particular scenic point.
You can meet the beautiful cherry blossoms at Bomunhosu-gil, Daereungwon, Wolseong, Heungmu-ro, and many other areas.

The cherry blossoms in light pink, dark pink, or sometimes as white as snow, show off their glamorous beauty all at once when the weather gets warm and scatter in the spring breeze to say goodbye. They are not just beautiful in full bloom, but in how they say goodbye, scattering in the breeze like snowflakes is what makes it so romantic.

▴ The best of the best cherry blossoms! – Bomun Tourism Complex, Bomun Lake Trail, Bomunjeong
Bomun Lake Trail inside Bomun Tourism Complex is already widely known as one of the best cherry blossom trails in Korea. Walking on the trail along the lake, you should be able to go around the entire course around the Bomun Lake that spans about 10 km in length. It is a great course for a healthy walk and a spring picnic.

The cherry blossoms are also covering ‘Bomunjeong‘, which is a hidden landmark of cherry blossoms and a great attraction for the photographers. Bomunjeong presents a picturesque pavilion across from the Hilton Hotel. This is where you can appreciate the weeping cherry blossoms instead of the ordinary king cherry blossoms.

▴An equal blend of cherry blossoms and people on cherry blossom trails – Heungmu-ro, Tomb of Kim Yu Sin Cherry Blossom Trails
The cherry blossom trail of Heungmu-ro, Gyeongju is a beautiful spring trail that has been named in ‘100 Beautiful Trails of Korea’ by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. With the Hyeongsan River and Mt. Songhwa encasing the trail, it is also a beautiful driving course.

The cherry blossoms are glamorously reborn under the lights at night. We strongly recommend walking slowly across the cherry blossom tunnel which spans about 1 km toward the Tomb of General Kim Yu Sin.
The cherry blossom trail of Tomb of Kim Yu Sin is a hidden cherry blossom trail and you can capture both the Korean forsythia and the cherry blossoms on your camera if you are lucky.

▴With your loved one – Daereungwon Stone Wall Path, Cheomseong-ro Trail, Wolseong-Daereungwon-gil
The cherry blossom path along Daereungwon is where you can take a walk while feeling the ancient capital with a thousand years of history. It constantly attracts many family travelers as it invites them to walk along Daereungwon Stone Wall Path, watch Cheomseongdae, and appreciate the splendid spirit of Silla and the innovative and scientific cultural heritage of Silla at Wolseong.

In particular, Wolseong and Dongbu Historical Site area is a great destination for a picnic with your loved one or family as you can observe the spring sky through the luxurious community of cherry blossoms. If you pick the right day in April, you can witness a beautiful scene of spring with the yellow canola blossoms and the pink cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms of Wolseong are picturesque when viewed from afar. The cherry blossoms in bunches are more than words can describe, so you should capture them with your eyes.

▴The secret garden of cherry trees – ‘Amgok Cherry Blossom Tunnel’ leading to Mujang Peak of Mt. Dongdaebong
Mujang Peak of Mt. Dongdaebong is famous for its silver grass field, but the path leading to Amgok Village where Mujang Peak is located is famous for the cherry blossom tunnel in spring and the cosmos trail in autumn. The cherry blossom tunnel even covers the entire sky in full blossom.
Don’t worry if you are late for a cherry blossom picnic to Gyeongju by the second week of April. Head to the cherry blossom tunnel at Amgok-dong to witness the last cherry blossoms of Gyeongju.

▴Other cherry blossom landmarks include the path from Bunhwangsa Temple to Banwolseong~Museum, the cherry blossom garden of Bulguksa Temple, and a unique kind of cherry blossoms (Prunus donarium) at Bulguksa Temple. There also is a secret garden where the cherry blossoms have a feast with other spring blossoms nearby KBFOA along the way from downtown to Tongiljeon.

▴Enjoy the flowers and the exciting performance!
‘Bonghwangdae Music Square’, a cultural concert, will open on the 3rd and bring excitement to Gyeongju every Friday night until mid-October. It will particularly present special stages for the tourists and the local people to enjoy the spring of Gyeongju throughout April.
‘The Water Olympics’ – The 7th World Water Forum
A visit to Gyeongju for the 4th Korea-Japan International Art Exchange