Tourism & Culture

WaljungGyo Bridge

Local Specialties

  • Silla Earthenware

    Silla Earthenware
    Shilla’s earthenware, which dates back to around the 1st century B.C. in the Gyeongju area, has been used for a thousand years. It is made from clay that is found in abundance throughout Gyeongju. Silla earthenware is created by using the original materials in Gyeongju. Thus, dozens of types of earthenware pieces are made for various products, including daily necessities, old and new style earthenware, and tea sets.
  • Silla Gold Crown and Silla Silver Cup

    Silla Gold Crown and Silla Silver Cup
    Replicas of the Silla Silver Cup, treasure no. 627, and the king’s gold crown are available. Interested visitors can purchase the replicas in stores around the city.
  • Quilted Clothes

    Quilted Clothes
    Quilted clothes are made by putting a layer of cotton between the lining and the outer cloth before quilting. Since quilted fabric is resilient and warm, it is used for living necessities such as winter clothes, comforters, and coverlets.

  • Sticky Barley Bread

    Sticky Barley Bread