Residents of Gyeongju

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Landline telephone

Landline telephone service providers include KT(Tel. 114), SK Broadband (Tel. 106), and LG Uplus (Tel. 101). For subscription, a foreigner needs a copy of his or her passport and alien registration card.

Mobile phone

In Korea, the use of mobile phone is so widespread that most people have mobile phones. Korea’s major mobile telecom service providers are SKT, KT and LGT, and they have various pricing structures and benefits where one can choose his/her rates according to his/her traffic and data usage.

Classification Website/Tel
alleh KT
  • No deposit; prepayment.
  • Korean credit card or bank account is required.
  • Consultations are available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Mobile phone Tel:1583(free), Tel:(02)2190-1180(paid)
  • Website :
SK broadband
  • Subscription allowed after payment of deposit.
  • English consultations Tel:(080)2525-011
  • Website : an English website)
  • Same as Korean citizens. Bank account required.
  • English consultations Tel:1544-0010
  • Website : an English website)
Prepaid mobile phone
  • Its service fee is a little higher than that of a general mobile phone (postpaid);
    however, without a contractual period of usage, one may use the service for a period of his/her liking.