Golden City, Gyeongju

WaljungGyo Bridge
The treasuresof a brilliant cultural heritage
Welcome to Gyeongju!
Gyeongju was the capital city of Silla for 992 years.
The history of Gyeongju, once called Seorabeol,
is also the history of the thousand-year-old Silla Kingdom.
Gyeongju embraces Buddhism, science, and vibrant ancient culture that blossomed by the artistry of the Silla people, and the great spirits of Hwarangdo that enabled the unification of the three kingdoms.
Thus, Gyeongju is a UNESCO-designated city which should be preserved by the public.
The evergreen spirit of Silla has been alive here for nearly a thousand years.

Witha thousand years of the evergreen spirit of Silla,
Gyeongju is truly a museum without a roof.