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Greetings from Mayor

Mayor of Gyeongju-si Baek Sang Seung

Warm greetings!
Welcome to the website of Gyeongju city.

    Gyeongju is going through enormous changes and facing unprecedented challenges. Yet, these challenges give us opportunities to restore the city’s long-lost glory as well. To this end, I will give top priority to communicating with the citizens, the genuine owners of the city, while having a clear understanding of the philosophy, history, and vision for the future of Gyeongju. The new Gyeongju will be a modern city that incorporates its tradition. It will be a creative and clean city that meets everyone's expectations! By revitalizing its culture and arts and by integrating a creative strategy with practical administrative policies, we will make Gyeongju a dynamic tourist city.
    Gyeongju Mayor Choi Yangsik /ul>


  • Passed the civil service examination (20th)
  • Judicial officer of the Ministry of Government, manager of foreign training, personnel manager
  • Executive official of the secretary’s office at Cheongwadae
  • Counselor of the UK Embassy
  • Personnel director of the Ministry of Government Affairs
  • Department head of planning and management at the Ministry of Government Affairs, general manager of administrative innovation, general manager of government innovation
  • First secretary of the Ministry of Government Affairs
  • President of Gyeongju University
  • Professor at Hanyang University

Books Published

  • Government Innovation Changing the UK
  • New Millennium Vision of the World
  • Wildflowers and Legends of Korea
  • Korea as Viewed from Western Maps of the Past
  • Choi Yangsik’s Dream of the World