City Goverment

WaljungGyo Bridge

Greetings from Mayor

Mayor of Gyeongju-si Joo Nak-young

Warm greetings!
Welcome to the website of Gyeongju city.

  • Hello, I am Joo Nak-young.

    Thank you for visiting Gyeongju, the city with two thousand years of history.

    Gyeongju is a very special and proud city. It has achieved the unification of the three countries. It is also a World Heritage City designated by UNESCO, for its glorious civilization.

    I dream of making Gyeongju a great city in the world, by innovatively reinforcing the infrastructure and contents for tourism, increasing the number of tourists to 20 million and strengthening the identity as a historical and cultural city. I sincerely ask for your support and cooperation.